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More on Ventura refit

I did a post a couple of days ago when Ventura left for her refit, and I listed the things that I understood would be done. Among them was this:

(possibly) a new library where the dedicated Cybacentre is now.

Actually, there will be a number of changes around the atrium, most of which I had forgotten about:

  • a sprung dance floor will be installed in the atrium, and will be used regularly for dance lessons and sessions;
  • the cybacentre will indeed be turned into a library with PCs for internet connectivity;
  • the existing (small) library will be become a duty-free shop.

Personally, I’m definitely looking forward to ‘Tea Dances’ in the Atrium. I’ve always likes the way the bottom of the Atrium was a definite focus on Ventura – there’s almost always something going on – even wedding photographs. It helps that Guest Relations is a deck higher, so the Atrium floor is pretty much devoted to entertainment and other services. I’ve often enjoyed a coffee down there, generally while doing a blog post. And there are some good pieces of art work around the floor (although they may have to be moved to make way for the dance floor). When we were on Arcadia last autumn, we definitely felt that the bottom of the atrium was a very quiet spot – too quiet, in fact.

4 Responses to “More on Ventura refit”

  1. ss600 says:

    Looking at the webcams Ventura is still alongside Hamburg Cruise Terminal. Apparently the wind is strong and she cannot be safely moved into the dry dock! Not looking good for the 1st cruise on the 7th April from Southampton!

    • Tom says:

      I’d wondered if there was a reason she was still there.

      • ria says:

        Actually the ship is due back in Southampton on the evening of the 5th – my other half has been making plans for dinner with me! So they have built in a buffer there, we may miss out dinner date but it’ll be fine for the cruise at the moment!

  2. ria says:

    Oh and he was telling me it is due to enter dry dock sometime today (this was last night)

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