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2014 Schedules – P&O

P&O have produced what they term a ‘sneak preview’ of their 2014 schedules this morning. As expected and widely trawled on the net over the last few days, the highlight is that Ventura will be based in the Mediterranean between April and October 2014 for a programme of fly-cruises. She’ll be doing a repeating pattern of 7- or 14-night cruises from Savona (NE Italy) to Venice and back; or, if you prefer it the other way around, 14-night cruises from Venice to Savona and back; or 7 nights from Savona to Venice; or 7 nights from Venice to Savona. The itineraries will be the same throughout the summer, and (starting at Savona) will be as follows:

  • day 1 – embark at Savona;
  • day 2 – Livorno;
  • day 3 – at sea;
  • day 4 – Naples;
  • day 5 – at sea;
  • day 6 – Dubrovnik;
  • day 7 – morning at sea, then Venice in the afternoon;
  • day 8 – Venice;
  • day 9 – at sea;
  • day 10 – Kotor;
  • day 11 – Corfu;
  • day 12 – at sea;
  • day 13 – Civitavecchia;
  • day 14 – Ajaccio;
  • day 15 – Savona.

So quite a busy cruise with nine different ports of call including Savona, and a total of four and a half days at sea. The itinerary from Venice would start on day 8, go to down to day 15 as above, then the return section would be as described in days 1 to 8. Obviously, the 7 night cruises would be days 1 to 8 for the itinerary from Savona to Venice, and days 8 to 15 for the itinerary from Venice to Savona.

Looking at that itinerary I can’t help thinking that 14 nights from Savona would be preferable to 14 nights from Venice – I’d rather have a full day in Venice than a full day in Savona. I presume that people starting a 14-night cruise in Venice will not be able to do much on the first day, especially if they are flying in that day; the only uninterrupted time they’ll get in Venice will be the afternoon of the last day, before they disembark the following morning.

Talking of flying, P&O are saying that these cruises can be booked cruise-only, or with flights and transfer; they’re advertising a ‘Holiday Package Add-on’ from £250 per person which will include these. Flights will be with ‘reputable carriers such as Thomson Airways or Thomas Cook Airlines’, and departures will be from ‘London’, Birmingham or Manchester. No indication that I can see as to whether that’s Gatwick, Heathrow or Stanstead; and anyone north of Manchester will have a long trek just to get to the airport. It will also be possible to book ‘City Stay’ add-ons, at Venice, Genoa, Nice or Milan.

Finally, I can’t see detailed pricing information yet.

Well, I’ll have to finish now. There’s loads more information in the Sneak Preview about the more typical and conentional P&O summer cruises, but I shall have to analyse and report on them later.

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