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I failed to mention a few other small points about Ventura’s Mediterranean fly-cruise programme in 2014.

First, at the beginning of the programme there is a 7 night cruise from Malaga to Savona, calling at Palma de Mallorca, Barcelona, Toulon and Monte Carlo, and a matching cruise with calls in reverse at the very end. This fits with the second point: Ventura’s last cruise of her 2013/2014 winter Caribbean season will not return to Southampton. Instead, the transatlantic voyage will end at Malaga, and the first Mediterranean fly-cruise will start there; then at the end of the summer season her first Caribbean cruise of winter 2014/15 will start from Malaga. One result of this is that after some date late next autumn Ventura won’t be returning to Southampton for quite a while.

Finally, the third point is that the Mediterranean fly cruises all start on Wednesday; i.e. they are Wednesday to Wednesday. This will be a bit of fiddle for those such as Val and myself who still working as we will have to take at least 11 days off work rather than the 10 days needed for a weekend-to-weekend 14 night cruise.

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