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It seems very likely that Ventura will be based in the Mediterranean for a program of 7- and 14-night cruises in summer 2014, out of Venice and Savona. As yet there’s nothing definite from P&O but there was a post on Cruise Critic yesterday (16 March) reporting that a very well-known TA that specialises in cruises (hint: it almost rhymes with ‘Rolls over’) put the itineraries up. Unfortunately they seem to have been taken down now.

As soon as I hear more I will post details here.

Update: I’ve been pointed to a page on that TA’s website where a summary of the dates can be found. It seems that Ventura will indeed be doing 14-night fly-cruises out of both Venice and Savona during summer 2014 i.e. a pendulum itinerary, starting in either Savona or Venice, going round Italy, calling at the other embarkation port, and then back to the start point. The cruises will be bookable ‘everywhichway’: 14 nights from Savona to Venice and back to Savona, 7 nights from Savona to Venice, 7 nights from Venice to Savona, or 14 nights from Venice to Savona and back to Venice. Intermediate ports of call will include Ajaccio, Livorno, Civitavecchia, Naples, Corfu, Kotor, and Dubrovnik. There’ll be an overnight stop in Venice – I think for those people whose cruise will end at Venice it will be the day before disembarkation.

One unusual point – from the information I’ve got, the cruises will start and finish on Wednesday. No word yet on detailed flight arrangements, except that regional departures will be possible. Given that P&O have long experience of fly-cruises to the Caribbean this is something they shouldn’t have any problems with.

No details of the itineraries for the rest of P&O’s ships yet.

2 Responses to “Ventura Mediterranean fly-cruises in 2014?”

  1. Ria says:

    Hi Tom,

    Do you know how long this program will be running for? My other half works on ventura so this comes as bad news for us since it is the summer when he is ordinarily based out of Southampton that we get to see the most of each other 🙁 it’s the thing that keeps the months in the Caribbean barable…



    • Tom says:

      Well, it looks like it’s the whole of that summer. In fact it does look as if Ventura won’t be doing any normal ex-Southampton cruises that year: it looks as if she gets back to Southampton from her winter Caribbean season on 26 march and then sails straight off for the Med. At the end of the summer it even looks as if she goes straight from the Med to the Caribbean without going to Southampton at all. That’s in late October/early November. Here’s a link to the relevant site.

      But don’t forget this is all just over a year away….

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