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It’s March so it must be almost time for the 2014 itineraries to be revealed. So far we have ex-UK itineraries from Celebrity and Royal Caribbean, but I haven’t looked at them in detail. There’s nothing from P&O yet, but I have seen the suggested itineraries from Cunard. QM2 will do a typical year of cruises interspersed with transatlantic voyages, and QV will do a programme of ex-UK cruises from Southampton. The most interesting set of itineraries will be for QE, which is scheduled to do a whole season of fly-cruises in the Mediterranean, Adriatic and Aegean. These start with a departure from Southampton on 8 June, not returning to that port until 16 December. Between those dates she will do a variety of 7 and 14 night cruises variously from Rome, Athens and Venice.

I like the sound of these cruises, but for me the issue is with Cunard rather than the itinaries. I’ve always seen them as more expensive than they need to be, and of course the on-board policies are very US-centric: the on-board currency is US$, there are mandatory 15% gratuities on drinks, and so on. I’d rather go with Celebrity than with Cunard if these things are unavoidable. But what I’d really like would be if P&O would do something similar. We should know in just a few days.

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  1. Hazel Herbert says:

    Tom,not sure why you like the idea of fly cruises and not sure either why Cunard are doing them – too many ships leaving Southampton? It didn’t work very well for P&O with Adonia, lots of people do not like flying and look at the success of the 21/24 night cruises on Oriana/Aurora to the Caribbean. I will be interested to see how these sell. I would like to see some new ports – like Nassau etc in the good old days. Love your blog by the way

    • Tom says:


      Thanks for the comment and I’m glad you like the blog.

      As for fly-cruises, I don’t mind them. I’ve never minded the whole airport/airline thing, to be honest – I seem to be relaxed about submitting myself to a system! It also helps that I’m not tall – at 5’8″ and with short legs I fit comfortably into an economy seat. (I know some tall men who hate being regimented, and for them flying is pure hell.) I can see advantages both ways. If you cruise ex-Southampton then you have those sea-days to relax in; on the other hand it’s three days to get to the good stuff and three days back, and there’s always the threat of a call at Vigo to chill your blood…. I certainly enjoyed our Celebrity fly-cruises a few years ago, and yes I could quite fancy something like a 12-night cruise from Civitavecchia to Venice, with calls in the Aegean and Adriatic on the way, and a couple of days in Rome at the beginning to make sure we’d got all our luggage.

      Val on the other hand doesn’t enjoy fly cruises at all – she really doesn’t enjoy the hassle of airports, etc. Also on those Celebrity fly-cruises getting home was hard – we were generally hanging around Fiumicino airport all day, getting back to Heathrow at tea-time or early evening, and then being faced with a drive back to Yorkshire. If I’m to have any luck persuading her it will have to be based on direct flights to/from local airports. Fortunately, I think Jet2 will be my friend in that regard – they have direct flights to Rome & Venice from both Leeds/Bradford and Manchester. So we’ll see.

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