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I gather that Aurora has returned to her original itinerary around New Zealand – she was going to spend an extra day in Auckland while they fixed her propeller shaft and this required an itinerary change. Now, apparently, the repairs will not be done until she reaches Dubai on her way home. This suggests that the problem can’t be slowing her down much if they reckon she can get that far and not miss any ports. I wonder what’s happened? Perhaps they were able to do some remedial work in New Zealand.

As regards Thomson Majesty, I gather that the remainder of the cruise she’s currently on has been cancelled, and the passengers will be, or have been, flown home in a fleet of Thomson Holidays jets (handy, that….). I hadn’t realised that this was a fly cruise starting at Tenerife, with calls at Gran Canaria, La Palma (where the accident occurred), Madeira, Morocco, Lanzarote, and back to Tenerife. No word yet on whether the next cruise, due to start on Friday, will take place.

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