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Garden_snow_Jan2013_1200_1028In a week when there has been snow lying all the time, and temperatures have been below freezing all day, it’s been hard to think about summer holidays. Well, actually, I mean that it’s all too easy to  think about summer holidays and cruises; but that just makes the current reality all the more depressing. (The picture alongside is of my garden during this week.) But on Friday evening I was finally tricked into thinking about our next cruise, in June, and to be honest it was a very pleasant few minutes.

I found that ABP Southampton have already posted their Cruise Ship Schedule page for 2013, and I was able to check the arrangements for our cruise on Ventura.Now I know that we’ll be using the Ocean terminal to embark and disembark, and I have to say that I prefer that terminal. I also know that on embarkation day Ventura will be one of five ships in port, the others being Queen Victoria, MSC Opera, Independence of the Seas, and Crystal Symphony – the last surely on a day-call, I would expect. On our return I know that Ventura will again be one of five ships in port, the others being MSC Opera and Indy again, and being joined by a pair of Princess ships: Crown Princess and Caribbean Princess. And I have to say that for a few minutes I was happily away, already at Southampton in my mind, and enjoying the sailaway of a fine collection of ships in bright June sunshine and warmth (surely…).

Sadly it wasn’t long before I was back to reality as we discovered that it was snowing again. Ah well – I think this may be the last for a while, and a thaw is coming.

Garden_Thaw_Jan2013_1200_1043PS: it arrived….

5 Responses to “More 'winter not cruising' blues'…”

  1. Tom: Crystal Symphony will be in Southampton for a turnaround on June 15. Ending a cruise from Iceland and the fjords, and setting out on a 13-night cruise to Civitavecchia

  2. Tom says:

    Captain: Thank you for the information.

  3. Hello Tom, have recently found your website (and used your balcony information to good effect to book Deck C on Ventura). This is a great link, I didn’t know I could find out about ships alongside etc! Am very much looking forward to my first ever cruise this summer; having only booked 48 hrs ago I am still buzzing!!

    • Tom says:

      Hello Jules – thanks for the comments.

      Yes, I remember the first time I booked a cruise, on MSC Sinfonia. We had real problems waiting until the cruise arrived in early summer but when it came we really enjoyed it. Looking back at it there were a lot of things on that cruise that we wouldn’t do now: we flew in on the morning of the cruise, there were no sea days, we were on early sitting for dinner… but in fact everything went well and we’ve been hooked ever since.

  4. We have made sure there are two full sea days but also booked first sitting…only as I figured if I got up from a meal around 10pm I wouldn’t then make it to any entertainment!

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