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Two trees in snow

Two Trees in snow

It’s hard to think about cruises or cruising when winter finally bites. All through December I was wondering if we were going to get away with a mild winter, but it seems not. These last few days we’ve had the first snowfall, it’s been below freezing most of the time, and there’s more snow to come. The picture above was taken a couple of mornings ago across the fields just a few minutes’ walk from my house. You might say that the answer is a cruise in the Caribbean, but given that we’re both still working it’s a problem to take two weeks off in the winter if we also want a decent holiday during the summer.

isoladelgiglio_portoOne of the things I missed when I was in full-on hunker-down mode was the anniversary, earlier this week, of the sinking of the Costa Concordia. The whole process seems to have entered a state of limbo: the trial hasn’t really started yet, I haven’t been able to find an english translation of the experts’ findings (which I gather exists), and of course the ship itself is still lying there just off Isola dei Giglio. The picture above (from the Giglio News webcam) shows how it looked a couple of days ago. Here are a couple of pages from the BBC new website about it: first this one on the lead-up to the anniversary, and also covering the salvage operation, and then another one about a memorial service and other activities that were held on Giglio.

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