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I’ve done a few posts about Oceana’s recent refit, specifically on the subject of what was and was not changed. She went back into service just before Christmas, so there have now been several cruises on her and therefore quite a few people reporting back. I did a post about the details just after Christmas. Since then some more information has come my way, and here it is.

  • Several people have reported that a number of carpets have been replaced – there are references to ‘new carpet fluff’ in public areas and in at least some cabins;
  • one person reported that it seemed as if some some of the soft furnishings in their cabin (cushions, curtains, bed coverings) were new, albeit the same pattern and design as before. Other people either didn’t notice this, or perhaps it was only done in some cabins;
  • the bathrooms in the cabins don’t seem to have been touched, but there’s at least one report of a re-painted balcony and new Ventura-style reclining chairs on it;
  • the upholstery on the chairs in the buffet looked to have been either cleaned or renewed.

It’s not all good, however. Several people have mentioned that there were one or two buckets out to catch ceiling drips. And there was something about cabin bed-side lights: it seems that the bulbs for these were replaced but then found to be drawing too much power, or buring too hot, or something like that. So they were all removed during (or just before before) the first post-refit cruise and were due to have been replaced in Southampton at a later call (which means it’s probably already been done). Apparently passengers were advised of the problem and what was happening in a note that was left in cabins.

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