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The first reports of Oceana’s refit are have come in, and they suggest that actually it’s a pretty minor affair.

The refit was aimed at three areas of the ship: the cabins; the disco, ‘Le Club’; and the Cafe Jardin area. Here’s what I think I’ve learned so far:

  • As regards the cabins, several posts I’ve read on another forum suggest that the only change is that there are now flat-screen TVs. Specifically, there have been a couple of comments to the effect that there were no changes to the soft furnishings, in cabins or suites.
  • Le Club has definitely been significantly changed. Unfortunately I don’t know this ship at all so I can’t really get a picture of the differences, but there are references to it being “really lovely, with comfy chairs”, and possibly being “somewhere quiet to hibernate during busy sea days”. So that sounds good.
  • The reports of the changes to Cafe Jardin are mainly about the menu. One person said that “it’s gone Italian”, with lots of pasta and pizza, and this is apparently not getting a lot of approval. Someone else commented to the effect that before that area’s incarnation as Cafe Jardin it was somewhere you could get pizzas, etc, as an alternative to dinner. Now it’s gone full circle – once more it’s somehere you can get pizzas, etc – only now you have to pay for them.

Finally, there is a suggestion that the lighting around the main pool deck has been enhanced – it’s apparently now LED-based and changes colour – but of course you need to be in latitudes where the pool deck can be used during the evening for this to be of any benefit.

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  1. Malcolm Oliver says:

    I’m not worried how flat TV screens are, the choice of channels and programmes is of more importance! Although if it’s a good cruise, you should not have much time to watch TV.


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