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A subject that will bring a shudder to any experienced cruiser…. I’ve never had it but having read accounts from those who have, I sincerely hope I never do. It’s often – and unfairly – regarded as a ‘cruise ship’ bug. In fact, it’s circulating at large throughout the world; it’s just that enclosed communities such as hospital wards, schools, and, yes, cruise ships provide environments where its spread can be especially rapid and universal.

Here’s a really good article on the BBC New website all about it. Read it and worry….

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  1. Malcolm Oliver says:

    Let’s be honest a cold or flu is also bad news when on holiday. I’ve had my fair share on those on-board ships too.

    Remember – When the press say 100 passengers have got the Norovirus on-board a ship: 1) That may be an exaggeration. 2) On most modern ship that means at least 2,400 (or more) passengers do not have it.


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