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(Update: AIS is now (11:30) showing Oceana expected to arrive in Southampton at 02:15.)

Oceana is out in the North Sea on her way back to Southampton – AIS suggests that she’ll arrive at 22:30 this evening, but I’ll be surprised if it’s that soon. Early tomorrow morning, perhaps. I can’t find anything from P&O about the conclusion of the refit; maybe there’ll be something tomorrow when she’s in Southampton.

Oceana_trackAIS is showing an interesting manoeuvre earlier – see the screenshot. It almost looks as if she had to take action to avoid that other vessel. She’s the Sea Prospect, a small cargo vessel (about 6,000 gt) currently on her way to Algeria. Later AIS tracks show Oceana’s course on almost the same heading as before – currently 245 degrees. I don’t suppose we’ll ever know, however.

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