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Something I’d missed a month or more ago was that Liverpool City Council repaid £8.8m to the Government in early October. This was the figure calculated as being the amount of the original grant that had to be repaid because Liverpool started using the terminal for turnrounds and not just day calls. I blogged here on how this money was computed.

I also raised the question of some EU grant that Liverpool had also received, and about which there hasn’t been any mention of a repayment. Liverpool City Council are taking the robust view that their use of the terminal complies with EU law and that there will be no need to repay any of the EU grant, which amounted to £9m. That isn’t necessarily the EU Commission’s view, however, although it will probably be a number of months before their view becomes officially known.

The amount to repay to the UK government was decided in May. Liverpool City Council has said that the reason the money was only repaid in October was because it took that long for them to get payment instructions from the government.

Links: here’s one to the set of posts I’ve done previously on this topic, and here are a couple to stories about the repayment in October: this one on the BBC New website and this one on the Liverpool Daily Echo website.

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