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P&O have cancelled a number of 2013 & 2014 cruises. In most cases they’ve been replaced by a number of shorter cruises. P&O say that the reason for cancellation is “as a result of sales figures for the cruises being lower than expected and the increasing demand for shorter cruises due to the current economic climate”.

The list of cancelled cruises is as follows:-

  • A309N (Azura): 11 nights to Iberia in April;
  • N313 (Ventura): 12 nights Canary Islands in late May/June;
  • D307 & D312 (Adonia): both northern waters cruises, 16 nights in June/July (D307) and 14 nights in August/September (D312);
  • E316 (Oceana): 12 nights to the Canary Islands in July;
  • X405 (Oriana): 12 nights in March 2014 to Iberia.

The Azura and Ventura cruises are being replaced by a series of shorter (2 to 5 nights) cruises around the English Channel – Zeebrugge and St Peter Port feature frequently. The Oceana cruise is being replaced by two short cruises (2 and 3 nights) and then a 7 night Iberia cruise. The Adonia cruises are being replaced by two identical-length cruises to different destinations e.g  D307 will now be a Baltic cruise. However the new D312 does look very similar to the previous one – both go to North Cape in Norway but have slightly different ports. Finally the new X405N cruise on Oriana will be the same length as the cancelled one,and will also be a northern waters cruise.

Full detail of the new cruises are here.

A “Further Details” link on that P&O page brings up a ‘Bad Link’ response, so we don’t yet know what the arrangements will be about handling the cancellation, compensation (if any), etc.

I think this is a pretty blunt action by P&O, and must reflect tough times at Carnival UK. One ship too many, perhaps? It make me wonder how they going to fill the big new ship from 2015 onwards. If the problem is over-capacity in the UK market, how will they handle that? I can’t help but feel that Oceana’s days in the fleet are definitely numbered, and perhaps Arcadia’s as well, though I do note that there are no cancellations of cruises on Arcadia.

I’ll post more info (and speculation) when I can.

7 Responses to “P&O cancel cruises due to sales being "lower than expected"”

  1. gordon jamieson says:

    Being the victim of one of the cancelled cruises (Ventura May 2013), called P&O to find out what was going on. Rude, unhelpful and almost offensive at the help centre – i got the impression that mine wasn’t the first call of the day.
    Seems a very short -sighted decision, but one which will, i am sure drive loyal customers away from P&O. Interestingly their terms and conditions state that they willl do their very best not to cancel a cruise – somehow i dont think they,ve tried hard enough!!
    Would be interested to hear from any other disgruntled passengers here.

    • Tom says:


      Now that the Q&A link on P&O’s cancellation announcement page is working, does this alter the position you’re in?

  2. Ian Graham says:

    I am another victim of a cancellation and recieved a very unhelpful response.

    Having to tell my two young children they would not be going on the cruise as planned was not a pleasant experience and too add insult to injury we cannot find a cruise that fits our timetable for 2013 that would suit us now.

    P&O have lost a lot of custom due to this, we will not be considering them in future and neither will our family.

    It looks likely I will be a “Royal Caribean” customer from now on.

    • Tom says:


      Thanks for the comment.

      I too would be very unhappy at losing a holiday, especially if it had been in the days when we took holidays with our children. I hope you find something for next year that you will all enjoy.

  3. gordon jamieson says:


    I cant find the cancellation announcement on the P&O website.
    I can however search for the cancelled cruise – N313, and find that it is still being advertised!!!

    • Tom says:

      Here’s the link to the cancellation page.

      You’re right, you can still search for and find N313. However, when I tried to go through the booking process it fell over at th epoint where you have to choose a cabin – I imagine that although the pages are still there, cruises N313 no longer exists on the reservations database.

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