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This post will give some information about the layout of balconies and cabins on Atcadia.

First, balconies. There are two things to cover here: the dark aft balconies on D deck and the extra width of the port and starboard balconies on E deck.

The first picture alongside is of a balcony for an aft D deck cabin – that is, a cabin on D deck overlooking the stern. The balcony is very long but it’s also very gloomy – looking into it from the cabin is like looking into a long dark tube with light at the end. The reason is two-fold: the balcony is indeed very long, and because it is almost completely covered by the balcony above; there is very little light coming onto the balcony from above.  This point is also clear in the second picture alongside. This is a stern view of Arcadia with the various decks labelled. You can see that D deck just looks darker.


Arcadia E deck balcony

Now for the E deck balconies – I mean for E deck cabins on each side, not the stern.  This picture on the left shows that these are a little bit wider than those on the decks above them. The image shows that the the end of the balcony above is not directly above the end of the E deck balcony but is recessed a short distance. It’s not a great deal, 18 inches or less, but it does make the balcony a more comfortable size.

Finally, the cabin itself. Here are some pictures of cabin E169 showing two views of the cabin itself and one of the bathroom. This particular cabin had a bath; others may have a shower enclosure rather than a bath. I’m not sure how useful the bath would actually be, but there’s no doubt that it made showering very easy as there was lots of room.

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