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As I said in the last post Arcadia docked in the Ocean terminal at just after 7 this morning. Val and I stood on our balcony after a very early breakfast and watched as she did her pirouette and backed into the dock.

‘independent’ disembarkation was scheduled for 7:30, and the disembarkation deck was the Promenade deck (at the beginning of the cruise we had embarked onto deck 1). We joined the back of a short queue at about 7:20, the queue started moving at 7:25 and we were stepping off Arcadia and onto the sky bridge at 7:30. Then there was a walk through the ground floor of the terminal across the baggage reclaim area, through the customs area, across to the CPS booth where Val collected her car keys, and finally a walk right to the end of one of the car park aisles. All of this meant that it was 7:40 before we were in the car! – which actually made it the easiest disembarkation we’ve had. We got slightly lost driving out of Southampton but quickly found ourselves again, and after that we followed our normal route home. We walked into the house at a couple of minutes after 12 o’clock.

I’ll do a summary and review sometime over the weekend, but until I get that done, that’s it from this cruise.

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