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Last night was the last formal night, and we had a good dinner with our table companions. Val thought that there seemed to be some very glamourous dresses on display, more so than on any night except the Captain’s Gala near the beginning of the cruise. However the evening ended a little flatly when we went to the Crow’s Nest for a drink afterwards and found the final round of the Syndicate Quiz in progress. On reflection, Arcadia misses out not having a serious ‘night club’ evening bar such Metropolis on Ventura or even Anderson’s on Oriana. That said, the Crow’s Nest is much better than either of those other two during the day, so it’s swings and roundabouts I suppose.

Today is our last full day on Arcadia, and we’re definitely thinking of the journey home. We’ll be doing ‘self disembarkation’ so we’ll have to be in the atrium at 7:30 tomorrow morning with all our bags. That means breakfast before that, which means setting the alarm for some time before that. One good thing – the clocks went forward before the call at Vigo and we get the hour back tonight.

We’re trying to have a sober day today – we have certainly drunk heavily over the last 12 days, and our livers will be pleased to see us stop doing so.

We’re well on the way through the Bay by now and from the Crow’s Nest the sea looks pretty flat. It’s also quite a bit cooler today, as you’d expect – the outside air temperature is about 16 degrees which isn’t too bad, but given that we’re doing 19 knots there’s a brisk wind across the deck.That’s due to change, however, with force 5 winds and 3 metre swells tonight as we go up the Channel. Not especially stormy, but more so than it is now. Even the Captain has said that it will be a bit bumpy tonight.

That’s about all from Arcadia – the final post from this cruise will actually be post-cruise when we get home. Then I shall do the usual summary & review page with links to all posts I’ve done during this cruise. I hope people have enjoyed reading the posts, and found them interesting and useful.

Update: well, the weather changed quite a bit during the day. From late morning until late afternoon it was foggy, quite thick at times – Arcadia’s foghorn was sounding for long periods. Then later in the evening and into the night it did get a bit bouncy, but not too bad. And we docked at just after 7 o’clock this morning.

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  1. Stuart says:

    Hey Tom,
    Great blog, I have enjoyed following it. We are fans of the Arcadia, interesting to see it from someone else’s perspective.
    Yes, the P&O bloodsport, the syndicate quiz, very addictive, good fun if your taking part but it does take over the ‘nest.
    Glad you had a good time and a few minutes escapism for me reading it each day.

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