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Last night we had dinner in the buffet. It was advertised as Tandoori night which was a definite attraction. In the end it was Ok, but not great.

There were samosas for starters (lamb, and vegetable) and we both a few of these plus in my case a sliver of naan bread. Then for a main course Val had a chicken tikka masala which did seem to be mainly sauce and some bombay potato. I had a bit of lamb that was claimed to have been tandooried, but it tasted pretty much like ordinary roast lamb to me. With that I had some of the bombay potato and some sag aloo. Then for dessert I wimped out altogether and had that staple of Indian cuisine, strawberry shortcake. Val on the other hand had a dessert of grated carrot, almonds and raisins soaked in milk. Once you got used to the idea that you were eating carrot for dessert it was quite nice, she said. We washed the whole affair down with a bottle of Cobra beer each.

After a walk round the Promenade deck we went to another quiz – “Around the World”. I was pretty hopeful for this one but ended up a long way off the mark with just 28 points out of 40. The winning score was 34, and there were three teams on that so a tiebreak question was asked which had absolutely nothing to do with geography.

Today we’re in Vigo which is overcast and a bit rainy, but not as cold as we were expecting – it’s already a (slightly steamy) 21 degrees and is forecast to reach 24 degrees,but with rain this afternoon. We’re doing an excursion – “Border Country” – which heads south towards and criss-crosses the border with Portugal.

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