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Lisbon from the berth

Today we’re at Lisbon, and I’ve been bowled a googly – we’ve docked at the Apolonia quay near to town instead of (as I’d been expecting) Alcantara out by the bridge. (Update: we later discovered that there is a big Royal Caribbean ship (Independence of the Seas) berthed at Alcantara, and that probably explains why Arcadia, which is smaller, had to go up to Apolonia.) I had planned for us take the train out to Cascais and Estoril from the station right by Alcantara, but now I’ve had to rethink. Val has said that a) she’s surprised that I was so sure we would dock at Alcantara, and b) she wants to walk round St. George’s Castle anyway, so it looks as if rethinking was easy!

Later: we took the shuttle bus into the centre of Lisbon and from there made our way up to the castle. This is definitely worth a visit. There’s a terrace running round the outside – actually, inside what were the outer walls – from which there are some stunning views over the city. You can go into the actual inner castle and walk around the walls and up into some towers. However all these consist of are the walls themselves as the buildings are roofless, so you don’t get any feel for what they once were. Then there’s a small museum with pottery shards mainly from the Arab period but also with some roman era exhibits and some decorated tile exhibits from the 16th century, and there’s also an archeological site, but that wasn’t accessible. Overll, we felt that the outer terrace walk was actually the best part of it. Then we returned to the ship for lunch.


Independence of the Seas during the sail out

We went back ashore briefly after lunch, then had a couple of beers before watching Arcadia’s lines being slipped just before five o’clock. By this time it was quite grey and cool so we didn’t linger long outside. Once we sailed we both shopped – Val for clothes, me for a book – before having some bubbles – sparkling mineral water!

Tonight we’re going to eat in the buffet as it’s Tandoori night. Then tomorrow we’ll be at Vigo, on a cooler day than we’ve had for a week – just 18 degrees maximum. We know we’re heading homewards.

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