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We’ve now been on Arcadia for three days so perhaps it’s time to report one or two things about the ship herself. I might revise my opinion as the cruise continues, but these are my first thoughts.

First, she seems to roll quite noticeably. After leaving Southampton she ran down the channel at around 20 knots, and maintained that speed throughout Saturday night and Sunday daytime. From Sunday evening onwards she’s been slowing down, initially to about 18 knots and then dropping to around 14.5 knots since some time yesterday afternoon (Monday). Throughout this time the wind has been no higher that force 4 and mainly force 3, and the sea state has been described as moderate or calm, with ‘slight’ seas. It was therefore a bit surprising that from Saturday evening through to Monday morning there was a very obvious roll, pretty much all the time. It’s been enough to make showering a careful business, for example. We’re on E deck which is the deck above the Promenade deck, so we’re quite low down. Given the various comments on different forums I had been expecting Arcadia to be steadier than Ventura, whereas in fact at the moment I would say that it’s the other way round. I remember the passages across the Mediterranean on Ventura last year, at about 20 knots, and Ventura was very stable indeed. Whenever we have experienced significant ship movement on Ventura there’s been a reason, for example the head-on force 7 wind when we went through the Gulf of Sardinia in 2010 that did cause some bumps during the night. But in calmer seas my current view is that Ventura is the smoother-riding ship. Perhaps it’s simply a size thing – Ventura is that much bigger than Arcadia, and that makes the difference.

Now for a point about the cruise rather than the ship herself. Arcadia was always marketed as being sophisticated and contemporary, but that was before her last refit at which time she was made adults-only. This has resulted in a change of the passenger mix, I think. At 62 and ‘late 50s’, I would say that Val and I are definitely at the lower end of the age range on board. The great majority of passengers are retired, for example. We’ve had conversations with couples where one of then is still working, but I don’t think we’ve met any others where, as is the case for Val & I, both are still working. Perhaps Azura has inherited the sophisticated and contemporary label. To be fair, however, it could also be the case that the time of year makes a difference – this is mid-October. Perhaps the sophisticated cosmopolitan passengers still sail on her during the summer.

Update: I’ve realised, of course, that the paragraph above is rubbish. Arcadia has been ‘Adults only’ for quite a while, hasn’t she?

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