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There are three dress codes on this cruise: Evening Casual; Smart, Jacket Required; and Black Tie. Last night was a “smart, jacket required” evening and I’d say that observance was 100%, from what I saw.

Mind you, there’s a range of sartorial standards that include a jacket, from straight-forward suit and tie downwards. I have to admit that my approach was definitely at the less formal end of the spectrum – decent-enough trousers, suede-y shoes, open-neck button-down shirt, and a blue-with-stripes linen jacket that’s beginning to look a bit lived-in, even after running an iron over it. But the code said “…Jacket Required” and I met that. It just goes to show that simply wearing a jacket doesn’t necessarily nail “Smart”.

After dinner we went to the Rising Sun to take part in a quiz, “All Things Nautical”. I always knew my obsessive reading about cruising, P&O, and maritime matters would pay off eventually, and last night we won – a bottle of the house red wine. I expect we’ll slurp it over the next day or so, and I’ll report back later after we’ve done so.

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