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I’ve had some contact this morning with a lady who has been affected by this cancellation. She first heard about it when reading the Roll Call forum (probably on Cruise Critic); at about the same time her travelling companion got a letter. So they went to their TA to try to rebook. First they tried to book a later cruise on QV but there were very few cabins available and as they waited they saw the prices of other cabins rising and rising…. Their TA suggested trying P&O, and this lady remembered that she’s looked at a cruise on Azura – 24 nights no-fly to the Caribbean and back. They were able to transfer to a Guarantee cabin on this cruise, slightly later in October. Today she’s received a cabin number.

Other passengers affected by the cancellation may not do so well. Some of them apparently had large amounts of OBC – the figure of $1200 has been mentioned – which Cunard will not transfer across to a new booking, even on Cunard, because it’s being regarded as a new booking. That’s going to rankle with the passengers more than the cancellation, I would think. My perception is that while everyone will be very disappointed by a cancellation, they would also accept that these things can happen; it’s not the cruise line’s fault. However, they would then expect the line to put them in exactly the same position as they were in before; and if they are able to transfer to a different booking with the same line, they will expect to have the same benefits as they were going to get on the cancelled cruise. Cunard will upset more people by not doing that because the terms of the re-booking are under Cunard’s control.

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