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Well, pictures were taken, yesterday (Saturday 1 September) and today (Sunday 2 September.

I started off on Town Quay around 2:30pm – I was disappointed to find that Mayflower Park was fenced off, to get ready for the Southampton Boat Show I gather. So the early part of yesterday afternoon was a bit frustrating. I went over to Hythe on the ferry and got some shots from the pier of Grand Princess at QE2 and Ventura’s bows in the Ocean terminal. Then it was back to Town Quay where I got some shots, just after 4:30, of Celebrity Eclipse leaving. Then a quick dash got me on the 4:45 Red jet to Cowes (overtaking Celebrity Eclipse on the way, of course). I walked round to the area just below the RYS and was able to get good pictures of all four large ships as they came round the Brambles, past the entrance to Cowes Harbour and on down the Solent. After being a bit grey during the afternoon it turned sunny for that hour on Cowes Promenade and I enjoyed it a lot. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to get any good pictures of Star Clipper – she was too far away from my position on Town Quay earlier in the afternoon, is actually very small, and didn’t sail until 8 o’clock in the evening.

Oeana in the early-morning light

This morning I was up back at Town Quay at 6 o’clock in time to see Azura stationary before edging backwards into the ocean Terminal berth. It was still quite dark and Azura looked good with her lights lit. Almost as soon as she’d finished docking Oceana came into view on her way towards berth 101, and at about 7 o’clock Aurora appeared, also going up into the Western Docks.

There’s are a couple of taster pictures in this entry now but I hope to be able to post more in a day or so.

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