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It’s sad, I know, but I’m on the way to Southampton to take pictures of ships. I was going to do this earlier in the “summer”, on the second occasion that all three of the Cunard Queens were in port together, but I was ill that weekend and couldn’t go. So I rescheduled for this weekend.

There will be five ships in port today – Oriana and Ventura from P&O, Celebrity Eclipse, Grand Princess, and Star Flyer, one of Star Cruises’ sail-assisted luxury ships. Then arriving tomorrow morning should be Aurora, Azura and Oceana. So I should get to see a variety of ships, and I’ve got a new camera to play with. So I should enjoy myself.

Being somewhat environmentally-conscious I decided to travel by train this weekend. The fact that (thanks to my Senior Railcard) a return ticket would be about the same cost as petrol for the car helped with that decision, but the actual mechanics of the journey are turning out to be painful: up at 6:30, out of the house at 8:05 for the 8:18 bus which was the one before the one that would get me to Sheffield station in time for the 9:23 train to Southampton. But neither of the buses turned up, so it was a quick text to Val to ask her to pick me up at the bus stop and run me into town. Then the train was 15 minutes late leaving Sheffield and has been getting later as the journey has progressed; it’s packed, there’s not enough luggage space and the air-con isn’t working. “Let the train take the strain”, indeed; you were on firmer ground with “Clunk-click every trip”, Jim.

But (and as I said above, this is sad) at least the internet connectivity is working. £2.50 for two hours – not unreasonable.

And the weather is looking very good. Which is exacerbating the air-con problem, but there we go.

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  1. Mick Sherwood says:

    Tom, marrinetraffic.com shows Ventura, Oriana and Eclipse in, but you’ve got a bit of leg work to catch them all.
    Mick at Castleford

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