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I posted a couple of weeks ago about P&O’s Price Promise, and how it works. I also pointed out that I (and others) had already received letters from P&O awarding us OBC in respect of price reductions in the Vantage Fare as compared with the price at which we’d booked our cruises. However, there was a bit of uncertainty as to which previously-booked cruises were covered. I said this:

A person has commented that he booked a cruise in April this year for May 2013, and has received Price Promise benefits following the introduction of Vantage Fares. However, he also booked two more cruises for 2013 in early July – just before the Vantage Fares were announced – and has not so far received Price Promise benefits, despite the fact that the Vantage Fares for the cruises he booked are lower than his bookings. I’ll try to keep abreast of this one.

I’m pleased to say that the person concerned has just posted in another forum and announced that he has now received letters from P&O announcing that he been given significant amounts of additional OBC for each of these two cruises. So P&O do seem to be following their own rules on this one.

That said, I know that this person did email P&O about the issue, so if other previously-booked passengers (for cruises after April 2013, of course) haven’t yet received their letters then it might be worthwhile emailing P&O to nudge them. Neither I nor the person concerned knows if it was his email which produced the letter from P&O or whether they are still working through the list of previous bookings, but it wouldn’t hurt to send them a reminder if you haven’t heard anything.

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  1. Colin Lynch says:

    Having booked our crusie 9 days before the new fare structure was announced P&O have come back to us and been true to their word and offered OBC to the difference of the cost of the cruise now compared to what it was when we booked. I applaud them for that. Now here is my issue.

    When we booked the cruise we specifically asked if there would be any chance of return coaches being included at any time we were told no this was not likely to happen.

    Vantage fares come out 9 days later and guess what they include return coach. Now my issue is all 10 of us are being punished by booking our holiday well in advance. If you were to book it now its £450 cheaper and every person that books now will get free return coach from Newcastle to Southampton.

    I have requested that P&O honour this price match, however I have been told no I and my 9 other loyal early bookers are not entitled to the return coach.

    By booking 9 days early for a cruise in September 2013 we have been punished. Never again and it has left a very nasty taste in the mouths of all 10 of us who have booked. I honestly thought P&O were better then this. By offereing us what everyone else gets 9 days later is in my opinion is only fair, however P&O do not see it that way at present. We are fighing for it and I hope to come back on here telling you that they have seen it makes perfect sense to offer the coach to us all as oppossed to having 10 potential unhappy paying customers who booked early in good faith. We shall see.

    • Tom says:


      Thank you for your comment. You make a good point. I wonder if any other people have been disadvantaged in the same way?

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