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I did a post in May which included a link to the webcam called ‘The Last Salute’. The webcam was positioned to giv e a good view of Costa Concordia as she was being prepared for salvage. The webcam’s operators intention was actually to obtain the necessary images for a stop-action film showing the salvage operation start to finish.

I noticed a few days ago that the image being shown hadn’t been updated for some while, and this morning my attention has been drawn to the fact that the website’s operators are now saying that due to various problems the camera will no longer be operational. Here’s the link to the site again, now with the close-down message. I don’t know how long the link will be active, so this is what the website is saying:

“During our last visit to Isolo Del Giglio we decided to stop the camera at once.

Reasons are the termination of the consent to place the camera on the last location. We had an agreement for a new position but after a 1500km trip to Italy we found the new position wasn’t good enough.

It was a very difficult decision but with relocating the camera we would damage out timelapse movie too much. The timelapse movie was our first intention, the webcam was a spinoff.

At the location we decided to pull the plug out of the camera and took the next boat from the island.

We try to get more done but at this moment there is no longer a live feed”

That’s a real pity – I was in the habit of visiting the site every few days. Not a huge amount had happened so far, perhaps, but it was about to get interesting in the next few months.

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