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Friday was the final evening of the cruise, and for me at least it was the best meal. I had the vegetarian dish, with chips, and it was lovely. For some reason I just felt like having some comfort food – having now developed a massive cold, I know why!

After that we packed. We planned to do self-disembarkation (at 7:15) so no need to put bags out. We were in bed before 11:30, which because the clocks went back meant it was really 10:30.

Unfortunately we didn’t sleep well – we’ve both come home with lurgies of some sort or other, and we had a restless night. So we got up early, hit the Conservatory pretty much as soon as it opened, and after breakfast took our bags down to the disembarkation area at 7:15; where we stood while they completed the docking procedures, until about 8 o’clock. But once we were docked we were off quite quickly. We rang Westquay Taxis for our free ride back to the Grand Harbour (included in our package) and got where before 8:15. Then a quick visit to the facilities, a walk round to their car park where we found the Mini in good order and we were on the way home by half-past eight.

Unfortunately the journey home was a bit slow because of the dreadful weather and because of the need to avoid the Silverstone area, so it was about five hours before we got home. During the drive my cold came on with a vengeance so Val had to drive about half of the distance. Since then I’ve been washing & ironing, coughing and sneezing, and trying to sort out some pictures. I’ll do a review of the cruise and our thoughts about Oriana as soon as I’m able.

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