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Just a quick post to record that last night was the cruise’s only formal night. indeed, it was the Captain’s Gala Party, which felt a bit unusual as it was on the third evening (of only four) in the cruise.

Anyway – it was a formal night. Dress code observance was pretty much 100%, which given the ship and the event was no surprise. There was one slightly unusual thing, however – we’d left Amsterdam at about 6pm so we were still in the North Sea canal until almost 9pm,and this meant that both the captain and deputy captain stayed on the bridge during the receptions. We had the Executive Purser, who was actually pretty witty and funny; possibly more so than the Captain might have been, on the basis of his rather stilted announcements at various times.

One other thing – the food wasn’t very special. That’s been true throughout the cruise, in fact. Nothing wrong with it, just not exciting, although Val had a chicken Tikka on Wednesday that she says was seriously disappointing – too many add-ons, not enough curry. The quantity of food in the meals has been considerable, however.

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