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Embarkation was a rather slow and cumbersome affair. We left the Grand Harbour hotel at about 12:40, having first seen our bags put on a van. The actual coach transfer took just a couple of minutes – City terminal is only a short distance away. Then we went straight into security, which again only took a couple of minutes. At this point I was thinking that everything was going very well, but after then we were ushered into a big open room with a large number of people, already formed up into a queue-snake, and we joined the end of it. This was just before 1 o’clock, and it was about 1:35 or so before we reach the check-in desks. No-one ever asked us what time our official check-in time was, and it was obvious that in fact normal rules were being applied – check ’em in as soon as they arrive. So in the end it was about 1:45 before we actually embarked.

There was one bonus for this: our cabin was already available, and in fact our luggage was already inside it. However the size of the cabin was a bit of a shock – we have got used to the larger cabins on Ventura, and we don’t have a balcony. (The actual cabin number is A108). We even found that we couldn’t get Val’s case under the bed, so that’s parked beside the vanity unit taking up some of our precious space.

After unpacking we wandered the ship for a bit, then had that obligatory first glass of wine (in Tiffany’s) before going to the muster drill at 5:45. The Grand Event was due to begin when that finished, but when we did leave our muster stations we saw that Adonia, the lead ship, had already made her passage up into the Western docks, had turned, and was abreast of us on the way out; and we could see Ventura, the first ship to follow her, already off her berth and slipping past Arcadia. The Grand Event was under way.

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