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Just a quick ‘holding’ entry for now. We’ve been at Amsterdam today, arriving at 3 o’clock. We entered the North Sea canal at 11:30 am or so, and berthed at the Amsterdam Cruise Terminal just before 3pm. Getting ashore was a bit flappy – formalities weren’t completed until 3:20 or so,and then there were long queues to get off the ship, so it was a approaching four o’clock before we managed it. Getting to Centraal Station took another ten minutes or so, so a rethink of the afternoon’s plans had to be made. In the event we did a canal boat trip for 75 minutes or so, had a quick beer in central Amsterdam, and got back to the ship by just after 7 o’clock.

But the main thing to report has been the weather. It’s been gloriously hot and sunny – 26 degrees maximum, it was suggested. This has been great, of course, but there’s an undercurrent of frustration – why couldn’t it have been like this yesterday? But never mind.

Tonight was not the formal night – that’s tomorrow. It was supposed to be a smart-casual night like the previous night, but I put my linen suit and a bow tie on anyway, and it turned out that out table companions were of a like mind. We had a good evening of conversation.

Tomorrow we’re doing an all-day excursion – Grand Tour of Holland, so we have an early start.

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  1. U2cruiser says:

    Hi Tom. Enjoying your account of the Grand Event so far. Think it’s safe to say you are still very miffed about the weather on the day. I would have been too! At least you got some sunshine in Amsterdam while we were having torrential rain here in Penistone.

    There was hardly any news of the Grand Event on TV here. P&O has some great pics up on their site, which I’m sure you will have seen by now.

    Enjoy your cruise.

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