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We had a pleasant evening in the DeVere Grand Harbour. We didn’t go back out, it was simply too miserable, so we went down for a bar meal and a few drinks early in the evening before going back to the room to watch the new BBC1 serial with Christopher Eccleston – ‘Blackout’. I managed to stay awake but I wasn’t sure what was going on; Val dozed off once or twice and later confessed that she didn’t have a clue about it. Then we read for a while and went to bed. I woke up once just after five o’clock and could see Oriana and Aurora already at their berths even then.

So now it’s the day of the Grand Event. The hotel is full, with almost all guests being cruise passengers, but I have to say that the arrangements here are working well. We checked out just after 10 o’clock and surrendered our big cases to the concierge; we’re promised that we’ll see them again outside our cabin on Oriana. Then we have a coach transfer to the City Terminal at 12:30, which fits very well with our check-in time. The concierge did say that they had agreed a single transfer time with P&O from the hotel to each terminal, so it might be that P&O will just let hotel guests check-in when they get to the terminal. I’ll try to find this out on the cruise.

After checking out we went for a walk around Mayflower Park and Town Quay, along with a lot of other people. It was grey with occasional showers, but also with drier and clearer spells, and photographs were taken. It is an impressive lineup: Oriana, Aurora, Arcadia and Ventura all berthed along the Western docks. Then Azura is at the Ocean terminal and Adonia and Oceana are down at QEII. There’s also a warship: HMS Dragon (D35). She was taken by tug all the way to the upper swinging ground. Maybe she’s an escort for the Princess Royal, or maybe her visit is completely coincidental.

It’s now about noon, and we’re sat in the foyer of the Grand Harbour waiting for the transfer coach to be announced. They’ve also got free wifi here, so that’s why I’ve been able to do this post.

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  1. Gary says:

    I guess you’re on board now, we were on by 12:30pm (I’m using my mobile dongle for net access and it’s very good here in our cabin). Parking and boarding went smoothly and we’re glad we didn’t bother waiting for our official check in – there really was no need as P&O were very well prepard.

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