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Sometime in the next day or so we will be leaving for the our cruise on Oriana, one of the P&O Grand Event cruises, and I’m totally stressed out.

Is it the packing? – no, I find that’s easy, we’ve packed for so many cruises that these days I know what to put in. Is it the travelling? – no, we know the route to Southampton very well and in any case we always go down the night before (part-way, at least). So what am I stressing about?

It’s the weather. I have found our recent run of so-called ‘summers’ hugely frustrating and disappointing. I can barely remember the last time I was hot, in the UK. (Actually I can – it was during the record-breaking summer of 2003, but that’s my point – it was 9 years ago!) I can’t remember the last time we went to the beach on a hot, sunny Sunday. I can’t remember the last time I wore shorts, in England. I could go on…. (Val says “I do go on, for far too long”.) But the point is: it’s summer, and that ought to mean sunshine and dryness, at least some of the time.

So here we are: early July. What we all want, of course, is a sailaway from Southampton with the sun shining, maybe a few fluffy clouds, a bit of a breeze to stop things getting too hot but not too much wind because we don’t want the sea too rough. And we’ve been wanting all this for over a year: along with most other passengers we booked this cruise on the very first day we could in April last year. That’s a lot of waiting and anticipation. And what are going to get? Well, my glance at the BBC’s Weather Page for Southampton, for Tuesday, says: Rain. Rain at 7am and 10am. Lots of rain at 1pm and 4pm, followed by more rain at 7pm and 10pm. It’s going to be a washout. The Red Arrows are going to be nought for two at Southampton this year.

Wednesday’s looking a lot better. I’d be happy to stay on board Oriana in Southampton overnight on Tuesday and do it all on Wednesday….

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  1. Brenda Burke says:

    Lets hope the weather men are wrong with tuesdays forecast, we also are on the oriana. Our embarkation is stated as 3pm which to my mind means we would lose a big chunk of the day.. However can’t wait for Tuesday to come!

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