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I admit that I’ve found it hard to think of anything to post about this week. Partly this is because it’s  been a quiet week in the UK cruising world, but mainly because my head is full of the forthcoming P&O Grand Event. We’ll be on Oriana for the event; indeed, it will all be happening this time next week. (I can’t believe there’s still *a week* to wait….)

A fellow-poster on Cruise Critic drew my attention to the attached ‘Notice to Mariners’: GrandEvent_arrangements . It’s on the Southampton VTS site but I downloaded it and saved it, and now I’ve posted it here; I’m sure Southampton VTS won’t mind. I won’t go over the full details of it, but I will say that it sounds that we’ll have a great time. I particularly like the departure plans: Adonia, which will be berthed in the Eastern Docks but presumably facing into the Western Docks, will leave her berth at 5:15 pm and move up into the Western Docks as far as the Upper Swinging Ground, where she’ll swing; then she’ll head back down the docks and out into Southampton Water. As she goes past each berthed ship, it will slip its moorings and move out after her, thus forming the procession. Because of Oriana’s position we’ll see Adonia, Ventura, Arcadia and Aurora come past us; then we’ll move off and will ease past Azura (in the Ocean Terminal) and finally Oceana. As we sailed down Southampton Water we’ll have good views of Aurora in front of us and Azura astern.

Going back to the Notice to Mariners, I like the ‘Poor Weather Plan’ section. It reminds me of Church Fete announcements: “if inclement, will be held indoors”!

Finally, just to do things properly, here’s the link to the original site of the Notice to Mariners on Southampton VTS.

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