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P&O have published a revised version of their Grand Event viewing timings sketch map, (Click on the small image to see it full-size.)

This gives us quite a bit more information, assuming it’s accurate. It shows all seven ships in line and close together on the departure from Southampton at around 7pm, and still in line but more spread out going past Calshot Spit at around 7:30. Then round the Brambles still in line before splitting into two lines in the Solent. Then it suggests that the two lines will merge again, but I’m not so sure about that.  Aurora, Oceana and Oriana will be heading eastwards while Adonia, Arcadia, Azura and Ventura will subsequently be heading round the Isle of Wight and then southwestwards down the Channel. So it would actually make more sense for their to be three ships (Aurora, Oceana and Oriana) in the northern row and the other four (Adonia, Arcadia, Azura and Ventura) in the southern one. But we’ll see.

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