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I’ve received a couple of comments from Tricia Huggins, as follows:

Just had a text from P & O that strike is lifted and original itinerary back on. Tjhere is a god!!


Just had another text from P & O to say that departure delayed until 8pm to allow for people to travel to Southampton

Thank you, Tricia. I also heard from ‘Sara’ who had heard but who was having trouble contacting P&O.

I checked the P&O Facebook page earlier this morning and there was no update then. However, there is now, as follows:

Good Morning

As many have you have seen the Norwegian Pilot strike has been called off overnight. As a result the Azura and Adonia will now revert back to their original itineraries.

If you were booked and cancelled yesterday but still wish to sail then please contact our Reservations team who will reactivate your booking.

We are sorry for the inconvenience this has caused.

I don’t like to think of the logistical complexities this will have caused. What about passengers who cancelled yesterday and would now like to get their cruise reinstated? I’d love to hear from any passengers in that position – what success have you had?

Update: I’ve now seen that P&O have posted the following message on Facebook:

We are reinstating the itineraries for Azura and Adonia.

Passengers who cancelled yesterday but still wish to travel can reactivate their bookings by calling our Reservations team. Please make your way to Southampton if you can travel as our call centre is busy.

We will be able to reinstate your booking at the terminal also.

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  1. Brian Johnson says:

    ARCADIA. Just returned from Norway. We did not see Stavanger due to the strike. We saw Zebrugge instead. 7 relaxing days being pampered [superb cabin/bar/restaurant staff] bar music good and no kids! Well done P&O and thanks.

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