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I’ve been having a quick check and this is where various ships seem to have got to this morning (1 June):

  • Cunard’s Queen Victoria is at Andalsnes, which is where she’s supposed to be. Andalsnes may be one of those ports that isn’t affected by the strike because the pilot boats are hired from the private sector. I believe the same is true of Olden where QV is due tomorrow, so she ought to be OK there as well. But on Sunday she’s due in Bergen and we already know that ships aren’t getting into that port;
  • Indeed, P&O’s Arcadia ought to be there today but isn’t. Instead she’s somewhere in the North Sea, heading south. A call at Zeebrugge has been inserted into her schedule for tomorrow (Saturday); I’m sure her passengers are thrilled….
  • I can’t see Balmoral anywhere – no sign of her (on AIS) in either Warnemunde or Copenhagen. That said, the Fred Olsen ship locator page shows her in Warnemunde, so perhaps she’s just got her AIS beacon turned off, or something.
  • TUI’s Mein Schiff 2 seems to be following a rather zig-zag course just off Stavanger. I wondered if she tried to get in there this morning, wasn’t able to, and has now headed further north to the smaller ports (e.g. Andalsnes) that are open?

There don’t seem to have been updates to P&O’s Facebook page so far this morning.

Good news regarding Ocean Countess which had to divert to Holyhead after losing all power for a few hours on Wednesday night thanks to an electrical problem. (This was just a few hours after sailing from Liverpool to fanfares because she was the first ship to start a voyage from the Pier Head in many years.) She’s currently steaming north through the Irish Sea headed for Invergordon, so she obviously made good repairs in Holyhead and was able to proceed at some time late yesterday. Let’s hope that the rest of her cruise passes without further drama.

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  1. Tom: Balmoral has a completely revised itinerary, visiting Warnemunde, Copenhagen, Gothenburg amnd Zeebrugge instead of Norwegian ports. Details at http://blogs.mirror.co.uk/captain-greybeard/2012/05/pilots-strike-disrupts-fjords.html

  2. P&O announce completely new itineraries for Azura A212 leaving Southampton Saturday, and Adonia D208 departing Sunday. http://blogs.mirror.co.uk/captain-greybeard/2012/06/po-cruises-re-routes-ships-to.html

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