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(Update: I have now learned that Balmoral’s revised itinerary has her calling at Warnemunde, Copenhagen, Gothenburg and Zeebrugge.)

The strike does seem to have spread into some other port areas at least: it seems that P&O’s Aurora wasn’t able to get into Bergen yesterday as a result. However, it’s not comprehensive: P&O’s Arcadia has apparently got into Geiranger which is actually dozens of miles inland, up Geirangerfjord – and this must surely have required pilotage  went to Olden instead of Geiranger, along with AIDALuna and Ocean Nova – pilot boats to Olden are driven by private sector drivers not affected by the strike. Cunard’s Queen Victoria is in Trondheim, which is also not affected (for the same reason). So today’s picture is mixed.

Now attention is turning to cruises due to leave next week. Here’s a list as far as I can work out at the moment.

Potentially, P&O seem to be the most affected. They have Azura leaving for a 7-night Fjords cruise (A212) on Saturday, Adonia on a North Cape cruise (D206) on Sunday and Ventura on an Iceland/Norway cruise (N213) also on Sunday. Ventura doesn’t reach her first Norwegian port until 11 June, however; she sails round Iceland first. It’s the cruises on Azura & Adonia that must be causing the most concern. At the moment P&O are saying the following, on their Facebook page:

We are aware of the public sector strike that is currently ongoing in Norway.

As a result there has been an impact on some ships calling to Norwegian points, mainly calls to Oslo. We are currently monitoring the situation closely and working with our local agents on contingency plans.

Should there be any impact on our itineraries then the Captain will communicate the information to our passengers as soon as possible. Due to the fluid nature of the situation we are not able to advise in advance if calls will be affected.

So please assume everything is business as usual, and we will notify you if the situation changes.

We look forward to welcoming you on board our ships and wish you a fantastic holiday.

So P&O’s message is that the cruises will go ahead, and they will do the best they can to deliver the cruises that they planned to do. There is some criticism of this approach on the Facebook page – some people think seem to think that P&O should make definite alternatives – but I agree with P&O: the strike might not affect too many ports, or it could be settled very soon, or support for it might crumble. In any case it will several days before these cruises reach Norwegian waters, so I think P&O are right to aim to deliver the planned cruise, and adapt if they have to, when they have to.

Update 1 June: P&O have now changed their advice, and revised itineraries have now been released for A212 & D206. Please see this P&O webpage for itinerary details, and this later page in this blog for discussion of the changes and issues arising.

Cunard don’t seem to have any cruises going to Norway at all next week. Their ships will all be in Southampton together on 5 June, and the cruises after that don’t go to Norwegian ports. There must be some concern over the rest of Queen Victoria’s current cruise to the North Cape, but she’s more than half-way through that and is in the same situation as Aurora – they’ll have to see what happens day-by-day.

Fred Olsen also don’t have any cruises going to Norway next week. They do however have Balmoral supposedly on a Fjords cruise right now – she departed for it on Tuesday (29 May). Fred Olsen seem to have taken a different approach: as I write this Balmoral is in the Kiel Canal heading eastwards towards the Baltic! I don’t know what her itinerary is now, but I might surmise that she’ll perhaps visit Kiel or Warnemunde, and perhaps Stockholm and Copenhagen; that would take up a few days and would leave her either with a passage back to Southampton for the 6th of June, or give the opportunity for a call at Oslo if the strike ends. (But see the update above for more information.)

Finally, there’s Princess. Grand Princess is due to depart on a general Scandinavian voyage on Saturday but isn’t due to enter a Norwegian port – Oslo – until 7 June. Her other ports of call will be Zeebrugge, Copenhagen & Helsingborg.

That’s as much as I can work out at the moment. If I learn more I’ll update this page.

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  1. […] Another cruise blog pointed out that other cruise lines, like Fred Olsen and Cunard, don’t have any cruise ships heading to Norway next week, so this strike action will mainly affect P&O Cruises only. The above link also has an update posted, which explains that Balmoral has a revised itinerary that means she’ll now be calling at Zeebrugge, Gothenburg, Copenhagen, and Warnemunde. […]

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