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Costa Concordia from Isola GiglioI’ve come across a couple of good webcams on Isola Giglio, both of which show the semi-capsized Costa Concordia. They’re here and here. In both cases click on the ‘link’ to get an up-to-date image. There are some other good links on those pages – the Time-Lapse on the first one is good.

Don’t forget that these webcams obviously work on Italian time – if you look at them in the middle of the night, Italian time, it’ll be dark, even if it’s light wherever you might be. The image alongside was grabbed from the first one at about 10:00 BST this morning.

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  1. Brian says:

    Recently on Azura going from Civitavecchia to Livorno the route appeared on the in cabin display to go out into the Med further and around Giglio instead of sailing through that channel

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