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Just a quick post to draw people’s attention to a new animation that’s appeared on the P&O web site; click on ‘View our Grand Event animation‘ to see it. Update: here’s a link to the same animation on YouTube; this is better because you can not only set the resolution to HD (720) but also increase the viewing window size a bit.

I like it. The rivet-counter in me finds it necessary to point out that they’ve got the shapes of Oriana and Arcadia wrong – they both look like they did before their most recent refit. So Oriana is missing her sponson (0:50 seconds) and Arcadia doesn’t have the new cabins at her stern (1:13). But never mind!

There’s also a comment on the P&O website to the effect that the Princess Royal will be present, but no details are given. Update: I now gather that she will be attending a reception on Oriana during the afternoon, after which she will move to the Trinity House vessel ‘Patricia’ from where she will review the P&O fleet as it departs from Southampton. I’m reminded by an article on Cruise Critic that the Princess Royal does have a connection with P&O – she named both Aurora and Oceana.

We’ll be on Oriana – I wonder if we’ll see her?

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  1. We will be on the Oriana – hope to see her.

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