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I’ve been pointed in the direction of this excellent time-lapse video of Oriana’s refit last year at Blohm + Voss. It looks official, what with the P&O logo at the beginning and end.

Two things struck me:

  • the new sponson is just a bolt-on; the old stern is still there, under the sponson. I had assumed that they’d remove the old stern plating and construct a new stern. Obviously not;
  • I can’t tell if the propeller shafts and propellers are the old ones or the new ones. Does anyone know?

2 Responses to “Oriana refit time-lapse video”

  1. Phillip Green says:

    what was the purpose of fitting the sponson (duck tail )

  2. BN Creasey says:

    I don’t know too much about lofting or duck tails, but before retirement was an engineering designer in the automotive field. A particular problem that had to be dealt with concerned a noise, vibration and harshness (NVH) issue which was narrowed down to prop. shaft “whirling” at particular RPM’s The usual way of smoothing this condition out was to beef it up a bit and increase the mass of the prop shaft by increasing its diameter. Because of issues regarding weight and cost, a radical re-think was the order of the day. One experimental design which proved particularly successful changed the solid forged steel mass of the shaft to one of lighter weight, fabricated aluminium tubular section, of greatly increased diameter yet of similar cross sectional area thereby maintaining torque capability. Any body get my drift yet?
    I am NOT a marine engineer by any stretch and have no idea of screw RPM range or torque values but, in answer to Tom’s question, would suggest there is no point in replacing the original shafts unless some remedial work had been undertaken.
    My guess is they tried the beefing up method only to find the extra weight exacerbated the problem. Looking at the time lapse video, the replaced shaft, I do believe, does appear bigger in diameter.
    Dunno’ what the definitive answer is but do suggest they get her on E-Bay asap!
    Regards to you Tom,

    From an Oriana maiden voyager.

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