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Even though we’ve known all about the cruises in it for several weeks, it’s still fun to get the actual brochure. Ours (Val’s, actually) arrived on Thursday but I haven’t yet had the chance to look through it properly.

There is one obvious difference, however, which is that the pages bearing the cruise information no longer include the detailed prices. To get those you have to make a note of the cruise number and then go to a different section of the brochure where the detailed prices for each cruise are shown. My initial thought was that this is really cumbersome and I couldn’t think why they’d done it. Val pointed out the most likely reason: having all the prices together in one part of the brochure will make it easier for them to produce subsequent editions with different (increased) prices. All they’ll have to revise are the pages with the prices: the rest of the brochure will stay the same.

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