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Unusually, P&O’s Azura and Ventura are making simultaneous calls at Gibraltar today. They’re both on their way back to Southampton, Ventura having been on a two-week western Mediterranean cruise (N208), and Azura on a 16-night central Mediterranean voyage. Both are due back in Southampton on Sunday 15 April.

I had thought when I saw them together in Gibraltar this morning that they would therefore make the passage back to Southampton together, but not so; or at least, not at the beginning. Azura is only in Gibraltar for the morning and is due to depart at 2:30pm whereas Ventura has an all-day call, leaving at 5pm. So for the first part of the voyage home they won’t be close. Perhaps, though, they’ll be together in the later part of the passage – they’re supposed to be arriving in Southampton together.

The Port of Gibraltar sometimes makes pictures available of the ships in port; I’ll see if they’re planning on doing so today.

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