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I’ve done a few posts about the vibration problem with Oriana, particularly the reported comments by Carol Marlow to the effect that Oriana would go back into dry dock on return from her world cruise. Well, that’s today: she berthed at the Mayflower terminal early this morning after more than three months away, but there’s no suggestion of any dry dock.

  • P&O’s website is still definitely referring to cruise X202, 16 nights to the Central Mediterranean starting today (10 April). The itinerary shows the first port of call as being Malaga;
  • the Southampton Port website’s ship movements page lists Oriana as departing for Malaga at 16:30 this afternoon.

So that must be definitive, then: no dry dock on return from the world cruise – the enhanced vibration problems, if they exist, will persist. It’ll be for at least the next month or more, too – the P&O website is showing not only X202 but also X203 (26 April for 22 nights) and X204 (18 May, 7 nights) as still being in the programme.

Update: And they made it! That’s a grab from Oriana’s webcam as she left Southampton this evening, and I imagine those are actual passengers. So definitely no extra dry dock yet.

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