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I missed this one, but I’ve come across a reference on another blog. Apparently, the Port of Venice authority has announced some new restrictions:

  • only ships of 40,000 tons or less will be able to use the Riva die Sette Martiri quay. This is at the eastern end of the city, east of the Doge’s Palace;
  • When arriving or departing, ships must be separated by two miles’ distance. This will lead to a greater staggering of arrival and departure times than at present;
  • Arriving via the Giudecca canal & St Mark’s Basin will be Banned! – “as soon as alternatives have been identified”.

The first of these issues is only occasionally relevant – almost all ships use the Maritime Basin. However, I have heard of ships moving from there to Sette Martiri – Azura did in 2011, I gather, during an overnight call at Venice. From now on that won’t be possible.

Finding an alternative to Giudecca canal/St Mark’s basin takes us back to the issue of creating such an alternative. Here’s a previous post I did which discusses one such possibility. It could cost as much as €40m, however.

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