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I’ve done some basic analysis of the distribution of the 2013 P&O cruises, and it turns out that my first assumptions were completely wrong. The table above shows the %ages of the total number of cruises on all seven ships, on ex-Southampton sailings, and by destination. I’ve grouped all cruises to a given area together – for example, ‘Western Med’ includes a whole load of 14 night cruises, some 13 or even 12 night ones, but also some longer ones, e.g. on Adonia. Similarly the Arctic cruises category includes any cruise to Norway or Iceland, excluding the standard 7 night Fjords cruises and also excluding Baltic cruises (which I’ve defined as cruises to St Petersburg) which happen to touch Norway at some point. The Arctic cruises cover anything from 14 nights to, I think, over 20 nights.

Doing some aggregation is interesting. Adding up various sub-categories (Western Med, Central Med, etc) it turns out that 55% of cruises will head south to the Mediterranean, the Atlantic isles or the Iberian coast. Just over a third will head east to the Baltic, the North Sea/North Atlantic or the English Channel; the remainder, just over 5%, head across the Atlantic either to the Caribbean or North America.

If I can find the time I’ll try to do a comparison with previous years.

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