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2013 cruises

Cunard and P&O got their 2013 programmes up on their websites over the weekend. In P&O’s case this was after a rather embarrassing pause during which they had to admit that a technical problem was preventing them from doing so, but by late yesterday they’d obviously solved the problem.

I hope to do a detailed analysis in the next day or so, but one or two things can already been seen:
There don’t seem to be many instances of what I used to think of as the ‘standard 14 night’ Mediterranean cruises. There are certainly some, but it’s not the case that any ship for either line is majoring in that itinerary;
In contrast, there are a lot of Baltic, Arctic and Norwegian cruises, especially in the first half of the season;
In the last couple of years both Aurora and Arcadia have done 24/25 night cruises to N America in September, and I had heard that these were among the most popular cruises in the schedule. Next year, however, only Aurora will be doing one;
Queen Elizabeth will be doing a short season of fly cruises from ports around the central Mediterranean, starting in September;
Queen Elizabeth is also doing an intriguing short cruise from Hamburg. it’s being sold as starting both from Southampton and Hamburg which complicates things, but obviously Cunard think that the enthusiasm for all things Cunard in Hamburg can be translated into revenue;
There are no 7 night Atlantic Coast cruises with P&O. A few years ago this itinerary was one of their staples, with most ships doing at least one, and some ships e.g. Oceana and Ventura after she arrived, doing a number. Not any more. (There is at least one longer Atlantic coast itinerary, lasting 10 nights, that includes Madeira and Gibralter.) UPDATE: in fact, looking at things more closely there are a couple of traditional 7 night Iberian coast cruises, as well as 17 others.

I’ll try do some sort of analysis of the distribution of itineraries, overall and by ship.

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