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Ventura refit

Along with the details of the 2013 schedules, there’s at least one site (Go Cruise with Jane) that has a deck plan for Ventura for cruises after April next year. There are some changes from the current plan:

  • the Exchange has been shrunk and a couple of rows of single cabins have been put in, some outside, some inside. Just like on Azura, in fact;
  • cabin categorisation seems to have changed. For example, all balcony cabins between the forward and aft stairwells are defined as ‘High Mid’; cabins forward and aft of the stairwells are defined as ‘High Fwd/Aft’. In the case of balcony cabins they’re all ‘High’, but Inside cabins are divided into ‘High Mid’, ‘Low Mid’, ‘High Fwd/Aft’, ‘Low Fwd/Aft’;
  • But the most anticipated change – the conversion of Ramblas into a Glasshouse (again, like Azura) hasn’t happened. I’m quite happy about that – I’ve always really liked Ramblas.

We must wait for the official brochure before we can be sure that these details are right, but Jane was right last year with the changes to Oriana’s deck plans so I’m sure she’s right this time. Here’s a link to them.

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  1. Iain Smith says:

    Quite disappointed with the shrinking of the Exchange Bar , it was difficult enough to get a seat in there as it was and it looks like a fair old chunk they will have taken away 🙁

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