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The on-line travel agent Cruise Kings has made Cunard’s and P&O’s cruise schedule for 2013 available via their site. This is a few days in advance of the official release, which I believe is supposed to be 24 March.

Here’s the page with the Cunard details, and here’s the one for P&O. They do both seem to be taking a couple of minutes to open, I’m afraid, but when they do just scroll down the page – ignore the search input fields near the top. You’ll see a full list of cruises further down the page, just right of centre.

Update: the P&O details at least are also up on ‘Go Cruise with Jane‘.

2nd Update: the link to the page on Go Cruise with Jane still works, but it’s no longer available from her home page.

3rd Update: Bizarrely, they’re now back. Unless they were there all the time really, and i happened to be looked at a cached copy of the webpage.

2 Responses to “Cunard and P&O 2013 cruises – details now available”

  1. Iain Smith says:

    Tom have you heard anything about a refurb for Ventura this year ?? a lot of forums suggesting that Las Ramblas may become a Glass House ??

    • Tom says:

      There’s a deck plan on Go Cruise with Jane which shows changes to Ventura from April 2013, so it looks as if she’s having a refit immediately after her winter 2012-2013 season. But (according to those deck plans) Ramblas survives….

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