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I posted a short while ago that Oriana might have to go back into dry dock in April for remedial work on her propulsion equipment. There have been some comments during her world cruise that the vibration issues with her (which actually go all the way back to her introduction – see here) have worsened since her dry dock in November & December. Indeed, there was a report that Carol Marlow had said, in Australia, that she would be dry-docked for this remedial work on return to the UK.

Well, so far that doesn’t seem to be happening. Her April cruises (10 April and 26 April) are still being advertised on the P&O website. If they were going to cancel either of them (which a dry dock would require) then I think they would have made the arrangements by now. So it doesn’t look at the moment that Oriana will go into dry dock immediately after the world cruise. The Vibrations will continue….

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