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Well, we have deck plans for next year’s Royal Princess. Remember, this is significant to UK cruise fans because the next P&O ship, as yet unnamed, will almost certainly be very very similar to this. You can find them here.

I think most of all I’m struck by how much this is a scaled-up Grand Princess ship: we have the three separate restaurants on decks 5 and 6, and a busy atrium extending over just three decks – 5, 6 & 7 – just like (most of) the Grand Princess class, including Ventura and Azura. Like them, we don’t have a Crow’s Nest. We do have a three-quarter Promenade on deck 7, which extends around the stern but not round the bow. Unfortunately the boats are down at deck level, so this won’t be a very attractive Promenade. There are seven and a half decks of cabins, which is a bit more than the later Grand-class ships. One unusual developments that the spa and salon is down on deck 5.

Well, it could be a lot worse, but my first thought is that this is a very unimaginative design, especially when you look at what RCI have done with recent Royal Caribbean classes, and the Solstice class. But let’s see what further details emerge.

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  1. Craig says:

    I agree with everything you said. 2 pools and a plunge pool For a ship that size. Doesnt seem enough. No observation lounge and not really any knew speciality restaurants. Looks like what I have been on so many times before with princess.

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